Your body is designed to heal itself,
and together we can make that happen.

The Garden

When it comes to health and wellbeing, our physical condition is a direct reflection of our emotional health.

From both my personal and professional experience, I have come to understand that our behaviors, especially those related to food, are deeply rooted in our subconscious, and are tightly linked with experiences from childhood. Because of this, when it comes to making changes around diet, health and well-being, it makes sense to explore the origin of these patterns.
If you could discover what is truly driving your desires to eat compulsively and were given the safety and tools to process what’s there, it’s very likely that you would no longer experience the need to suppress uncomfortable feelings with food (or other substances). Your physiology, mentality, relationships, and LIFE would then reflect this elevated, integrated, and reconnected state and you could forget about dieting forever.
The real “Root Cause” of your current physical state is trauma and the ways you learned to cope with it. Together, in the safety of our intimate container, you will explore and uproot old programming, reconnect with your Self on the most profound level, and plant new seeds that will grow into the fullness that is the life you crave.
Over the course of this transformative experience, you will receive one-on-one dietary guidance for your unique physiology, assessed and designed by myself though the Functional Medicine modality, while receiving the magic and medicine of deep soul work. Together, we will explore old programming, your relationship to self, food, your body and so much more. With this unique combination you will blossom into the grounded, empowered, connected woman you are here to be.

How your relationship to yourself will grow from a seed to a tree:

  • One-on-one deep dive coaching with me for 13 weeks.
  • Virtual weekly meetings that guide you through deep transformational work:
    • Manifestation exercises.
    • Shadow work.
    • Inner Child exploration.
    • Sacred rage experiences.
    • Embodiment practices.
    • And more…
  • Personalized dietary and supplementation protocol based on blood chemistry analysis.
  • Foundational nutrition education.
  • Three remote Ketamine rituals, medicine prescribed by a physician in your state.

Here are the modules for your Garden experience:

  • Design Your Garden – weeks 1 and 2
  • Preparing the Foundation – week 3.
  • Uprooting the Weeds – weeks 4-9
  • Planting New Seeds – week 10
  • Water + Sunshine – weeks 11-12
  • Full Bloom – week 13

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