I highly recommend working with Jillian. If you are looking for someone who will invest in you and your health, who is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable in the field of functional medicine and nutrition Jillian is who you want. When I first went to Jillian with a health concern I explained my symptoms to her (bloating, gas, fatigue, headaches, inability to lose weight, constipation) and right off the bat she had an idea of what was going on (SIBO). We worked together to get the necessary testing done and she was right I have SIBO. She helped me understand the antibiotics I was prescribed and also set me up with supplements that would help aide in getting rid of the SIBO. I am forever grateful for her guidance through this. I didn’t know what SIBO was when she first mentioned it to me, much less how to go about getting tested for it. She knew the steps I needed to take, the doctors I would need to work with and that I would need to advocate for myself because often times things like SIBO are over looked. It took months to get the diagnosis. Jillian was there every step of the way. From the beginning of our conversations about health and wellness she has been by my side through it all. During the months of waiting for my SIBO diagnosis she helped me work on healing my gut and taking the necessary steps to live a healthier life. I didn’t know much about functional medicine and nutrition or how to heal my body from the inside before working with Jillian. Jillian is always so easy to talk to, willing to answer whatever questions you have and will help however she can. If you have the opportunity to work with her do it. She will change your life!

Current Offerings

For my sisters who have had a long and frustrating battle with food, weight, health and love for Self, I’ve got something for you!

Turn Your Triggers into Teachers is a 14-page guidebook where I dive DEEP into how to do just that. Emotional eating has served an incredible purpose in our lives and it’s time to shine some light on what that purpose has been, and how to use this pattern to access much deeper levels of Self. I debunk what we think emotional eating is, share about what we’re actually doing when we eat in that way, and take you through the process I use every time I’m triggered that has served as a doorway into my heart instead of the pattern that caused pain and suffering.

I’m so excited for you to walk this path and I’m here for you every step of the way.
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