I had the good fortune to find and work with Jillian earlier this year. I had been struggling with mild health and allergy issues for years, even consulting specialists who could barely offer any solutions, and only left me feeling scared and confused.

She had my bloodwork analyzed, and explained it in detail using a program that shows the patient in a very clear and visual way where the areas of concern are. She was always very loving and kind in her explanations and in presenting a holistic approach that includes herbal and vitamin supplements, as well as dietary and activity changes.

So far my allergy issues are greatly improving and my weight is gradually reducing. I feel more confident and in charge of my health, and although I am not perfect in all areas yet, she has been supportive and encouraging me the whole time. It is not a “quick fix” and requires work and commitment, but my health is worth it.

Thank you, Jillian!

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