For years I have been told that I must lose weight because my health was at risk. I would lose 10 or so pounds, but never stuck with it long enough. This past June, after a knee replacement and my fourth back surgery, my legs had become so swollen that I could not even walk. Each day, I watched the scale go higher and higher. It was very scary.

During a visit to my cardiologist, he expressed concern and and told me that if I didn’t do something immediately I could wind up in the hospital; My skin had become so tight, and it could tear. I left his office feeling depressed and frightened.

I have known Jillian Acosta since she was born, and knew that she was helping many people to improve their health and lose weight. I called her in desperation and she responded immediately with love and concern. I was finally READY to listen and to learn about how my food choices were affecting my health. I thought I was making healthy choices, but I soon realized that I had much more to learn.

To date, after just four months with Jillian’s guidance, I am down 45 pounds. 4 sizes, and my prescription medications have been cut in half. This is NOT a diet, but truly a life-changing way of eating.

Jillian taught me that I can enjoy the occasional treat with no guilt, and she taught me how I can incorporate my favorite foods into my healthy lifestyle.

The Root Cause Method is a far better way for your health and weight loss — without pills, shots, surgeries, packaged “meals”, and restrictions.

I highly recommend Jillian Acosta and The Root Cause Method to anyone who is READY to listen and learn and practice the guidance that she provides.

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