Just when you think you know someone!

I’ve known Jillian for many years as a smart, warm, kind, authentic, compassionate woman, but until recently I didn’t know her as a professional, licensed Dietician/Nutritionist. What I learned is that in addition to who she is as a person, as a professional she has a very impressive depth of knowledge and experience in her field. She works hard to get to the root cause of each individual’s unique circumstances and challenges, and she creates a plan tailored just for what you need in order to achieve your goals.
Jillian has a way of educating you and explaining things to you so that you can understand and absorb at your own level, and at your own pace. Her patience and kindness shines through, as does her genuine and sincere desire to help you to feel happy, healthy, and whole. She doesn’t just give you the tools for your journey, but she is personally invested in taking it with you and supporting you through change.
If you are ready to invest in yourself, let Jillian be the one beside you!

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