I am a 25yo female and I have been struggling with nausea for 10+years. Throughout all of the doctors and healthcare professionals trying to figure out the cause of my nausea, I still was struggling daily. Once I spoke with Jill, she was the first person to really listen to all of my thoughts/questions/concerns and take everything into account of this big puzzle I had been trying to solve the majority of my life. I began to lose hope until I spoke with her. She is so sweet, loving and supportive and made me feel heard for the first time in years. She is much more than a dietician; she has such a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond everything I thought she could help me with. We have finally found the source of my nausea and she made sure I knew that she would be a continuous support for me throughout this process of healing. Jill is helping to teach me to be my own best healer along with all of the tools she has taught me already. I am so grateful to know her. She takes the time to get to know you and figure out the best ways to help YOU feel better. I have no doubt in one way or another she can help you feeling happier, healthier, more energetic and most importantly getting you back to feeling like your true self-and even better.

Current Offerings

For my sisters who have had a long and frustrating battle with food, weight, health and love for Self, I’ve got something for you!

Turn Your Triggers into Teachers is a 14-page guidebook where I dive DEEP into how to do just that. Emotional eating has served an incredible purpose in our lives and it’s time to shine some light on what that purpose has been, and how to use this pattern to access much deeper levels of Self. I debunk what we think emotional eating is, share about what we’re actually doing when we eat in that way, and take you through the process I use every time I’m triggered that has served as a doorway into my heart instead of the pattern that caused pain and suffering.

I’m so excited for you to walk this path and I’m here for you every step of the way.
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