My health, my weight, and my happiness had been on a slow but steady decline for years when I finally reached the point of being ready to do something about it. The choice to act on healing my body was made out of love, for my family, but more liberatingly, more truthfully, and most importantly, for myself.

That choice to act happened in an instant and began a journey.

Jillian became my trusted partner and guide on this journey toward restoring my body to health. She taught me to understand what I was eating: both the cumulative effect of the mistakes I had been making and the potential healing available to me as I began to make different choices.

She coached me, advised me, encouraged me, and acknowledged me every step of the way. She shared her knowledge and turned me on to a new way of thinking about food. I have learned to replace the things that were making me sick with foods that delight, satisfy, heal and enhance my life.

While still a work in progress — my journey toward optimal health will continue for the rest of my life — I am a healthier, happier person who has transformed my relationship to food and to myself.

Transformation cannot occur if we do not address the root cause of our sickness.

I have transformed. I am grateful to Jillian for being a steadfast contributor to my healing.

Current Offerings

For my sisters who have had a long and frustrating battle with food, weight, health and love for Self, I’ve got something for you!

Turn Your Triggers into Teachers is a 14-page guidebook where I dive DEEP into how to do just that. Emotional eating has served an incredible purpose in our lives and it’s time to shine some light on what that purpose has been, and how to use this pattern to access much deeper levels of Self. I debunk what we think emotional eating is, share about what we’re actually doing when we eat in that way, and take you through the process I use every time I’m triggered that has served as a doorway into my heart instead of the pattern that caused pain and suffering.

I’m so excited for you to walk this path and I’m here for you every step of the way.
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