I have spent 4+ years with worsening pain in my stomach, bloating, and nausea to the point where it had become pretty much a constant in my life. I went to my primary doctor to look for a solution and was told everything seemed normal and sent on my way to continue with the symptoms. I went to a gastroenterologist where they ran an ultrasound and an endoscopy and came back to me with the same results, everything seems fine…we’ll send you a pill to help with the symptoms but there is nothing we can do to treat it. As my symptoms continued worsening and my appetite continued decreasing because eating was guaranteed to worsen my symptoms, I continued searching for a solution and I came across The Root Cause Method website. I am so so incredibly grateful to have found Jillian. After our first session, I started eliminating foods that she said would likely help and within that week there was already a decrease in my symptoms. And that’s before even doing the blood work up and getting a full food protocol!! Once the blood work results were in, she reviewed everything with me and explained everything in detail. My symptoms improved even more. We discussed psychology and the impact that our mental health has on our physical health; she worked with me on techniques to help reduce my anxiety and gave me recommendations to help me on my path to healing. This was such a significant component for me; the pain was pretty much gone at this point but after this is when the bloated feeling started to reduce even more. I have raved about Jillian to my family and my friends and I truly cannot recommend her enough! The passion that she has for helping people to heal and the love and empathy that she pours into her work is evident, and that makes all the difference!

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