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– Alarie B. –

I highly recommend working with Jillian. If you are looking for someone who will invest in you and your health, who is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable in the field of functional medicine and nutrition Jillian is who you want. When I first went to Jillian with a health concern I explained my symptoms to her (bloating, gas, fatigue, headaches, inability to lose weight, constipation) and right off the bat she had an idea of what was going on (SIBO). We worked together to get the necessary testing done and she was right I have SIBO. She helped me understand the antibiotics I was prescribed and also set me up with supplements that would help aide in getting rid of the SIBO. I am forever grateful for her guidance through this. I didn’t know what SIBO was when she first mentioned it to me, much less how to go about getting tested for it. She knew the steps I needed to take, the doctors I would need to work with and that I would need to advocate for myself because often times things like SIBO are over looked. It took months to get the diagnosis. Jillian was there every step of the way. From the beginning of our conversations about health and wellness she has been by my side through it all. During the months of waiting for my SIBO diagnosis she helped me work on healing my gut and taking the necessary steps to live a healthier life. I didn’t know much about functional medicine and nutrition or how to heal my body from the inside before working with Jillian. Jillian is always so easy to talk to, willing to answer whatever questions you have and will help however she can. If you have the opportunity to work with her do it. She will change your life!

– J. L. –

Just when you think you know someone!

I’ve known Jillian for many years as a smart, warm, kind, authentic, compassionate woman, but until recently I didn’t know her as a professional, licensed Dietician/Nutritionist. What I learned is that in addition to who she is as a person, as a professional she has a very impressive depth of knowledge and experience in her field. She works hard to get to the root cause of each individual’s unique circumstances and challenges, and she creates a plan tailored just for what you need in order to achieve your goals.
Jillian has a way of educating you and explaining things to you so that you can understand and absorb at your own level, and at your own pace. Her patience and kindness shines through, as does her genuine and sincere desire to help you to feel happy, healthy, and whole. She doesn’t just give you the tools for your journey, but she is personally invested in taking it with you and supporting you through change.
If you are ready to invest in yourself, let Jillian be the one beside you!

– Chantel H. –

Jillian was amazing! I had such a wonderful experience working with her and looking forward to our continued work. I was going through a lot of life challenges (a move, a toddler and new baby) and she was with me every step of the way – keeping me accountable, yet so compassionate that life happens and supported any misstep I had. I’ve made so many positive changes in general and several of my lab markers completely stabilized! Highly recommend her to anyone ready to made true lifestyle changes that will only optimize your quality of life. So thankful!

– Cindy B. –

For years I have been told that I must lose weight because my health was at risk. I would lose 10 or so pounds, but never stuck with it long enough. This past June, after a knee replacement and my fourth back surgery, my legs had become so swollen that I could not even walk. Each day, I watched the scale go higher and higher. It was very scary.

During a visit to my cardiologist, he expressed concern and and told me that if I didn’t do something immediately I could wind up in the hospital; My skin had become so tight, and it could tear. I left his office feeling depressed and frightened.

I have known Jillian Acosta since she was born, and knew that she was helping many people to improve their health and lose weight. I called her in desperation and she responded immediately with love and concern. I was finally READY to listen and to learn about how my food choices were affecting my health. I thought I was making healthy choices, but I soon realized that I had much more to learn.

To date, after just four months with Jillian’s guidance, I am down 45 pounds. 4 sizes, and my prescription medications have been cut in half. This is NOT a diet, but truly a life-changing way of eating.

Jillian taught me that I can enjoy the occasional treat with no guilt, and she taught me how I can incorporate my favorite foods into my healthy lifestyle.

The Root Cause Method is a far better way for your health and weight loss — without pills, shots, surgeries, packaged “meals”, and restrictions.

I highly recommend Jillian Acosta and The Root Cause Method to anyone who is READY to listen and learn and practice the guidance that she provides.

– Eileen S. –

Jillian has provided me with the insight and education to make better decisions for me as an individual, based on my specific health conditions. Changes that I have made, have had an impact on my overall health allowing me to feel better both physically and mentally. Jillian is supportive, patient, and caring as I go through this journey changing how I eat in general vs. looking at it as just another diet.

– Monique C. –

I have spent 4+ years with worsening pain in my stomach, bloating, and nausea to the point where it had become pretty much a constant in my life. I went to my primary doctor to look for a solution and was told everything seemed normal and sent on my way to continue with the symptoms. I went to a gastroenterologist where they ran an ultrasound and an endoscopy and came back to me with the same results, everything seems fine…we’ll send you a pill to help with the symptoms but there is nothing we can do to treat it. As my symptoms continued worsening and my appetite continued decreasing because eating was guaranteed to worsen my symptoms, I continued searching for a solution and I came across The Root Cause Method website. I am so so incredibly grateful to have found Jillian. After our first session, I started eliminating foods that she said would likely help and within that week there was already a decrease in my symptoms. And that’s before even doing the blood work up and getting a full food protocol!! Once the blood work results were in, she reviewed everything with me and explained everything in detail. My symptoms improved even more. We discussed psychology and the impact that our mental health has on our physical health; she worked with me on techniques to help reduce my anxiety and gave me recommendations to help me on my path to healing. This was such a significant component for me; the pain was pretty much gone at this point but after this is when the bloated feeling started to reduce even more. I have raved about Jillian to my family and my friends and I truly cannot recommend her enough! The passion that she has for helping people to heal and the love and empathy that she pours into her work is evident, and that makes all the difference!

– Brittany M. –

Jillian is so much more than your average nutritionist. A friend recommended Jillian when she saw me struggling to lose weight. I immediately set up an appointment. I’ve had a toxic relationship with food for way too long and it was time for a change. Right away, I knew Jillian was going to put me on the right path to feel and eat better. I knew I needed to get healthy, but Jillian made me realize there’s so much more to it than just eating well. She really dove into my relationship with food, my anxiety, my feelings and me as person and changed things for the better. I’ve been on this journey for about two months now and I already feel like a different person. The best thing about all of this is she is going through this with you. Her recommendations aren’t just things she researched, she’s tried them for herself and that made me feel at ease. Give up on the diet fads because going to Jillian isn’t just another fad, it’s a total lifestyle change and worth every minute.

– Karly A. –

I am a 25yo female and I have been struggling with nausea for 10+years. Throughout all of the doctors and healthcare professionals trying to figure out the cause of my nausea, I still was struggling daily. Once I spoke with Jill, she was the first person to really listen to all of my thoughts/questions/concerns and take everything into account of this big puzzle I had been trying to solve the majority of my life. I began to lose hope until I spoke with her. She is so sweet, loving and supportive and made me feel heard for the first time in years. She is much more than a dietician; she has such a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond everything I thought she could help me with. We have finally found the source of my nausea and she made sure I knew that she would be a continuous support for me throughout this process of healing. Jill is helping to teach me to be my own best healer along with all of the tools she has taught me already. I am so grateful to know her. She takes the time to get to know you and figure out the best ways to help YOU feel better. I have no doubt in one way or another she can help you feeling happier, healthier, more energetic and most importantly getting you back to feeling like your true self-and even better.

– Taryn P. –

The work way deeper than the style diet or types of foods. Jillian creates a safe space to explore the root cause of overeating. In all my years of therapy I never realized so much about my connections to food and emotions as I did while working with her. I started out coming to avoid surgery for gallbladder, which I did! And I ended up having a stronger connection to myself and to a more healed version of myself. It’s worth every dollar.

– Gabi G. –

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with Jillian and have found it to be one of the most valuable experiences of my life. She really takes the time to get to know your history, your day-to-day life, preferences, and goals into account when developing an individualized plan that is manageable and tweaked as needed. Jillian is easy to talk to, extremely compassionate and understanding, and explains everything in detail in a manner that is easy to understand. There’s so much research, information, and misinformation easily available to us, and it’s difficult to navigate alone what is best for us. Jillian is extremely knowledgeable in providing recommendations that are appropriate and checking in to see how effective and manageable the course of action is going. Jillian’s professionalism and area of expertise in Functional Nutrition is highly recommended and valuable to last a lifetime!

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