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We’ve related to our relationship with food as something we can’t seem to shake, something we wish we could just be done with, something we shame, judge and punish ourselves for.

But what if this dynamic with food has been serving a huge purpose? What if it contains major insights and information about your deepest needs? What if you could learn to use it as the way back home to your body, your heart and your truest Self? What if you could find the beauty in the weeds? If you’re ready to free yourself from the chains of emotional eating, dissociative behavioral patterns and self-hatred, I have something potent for you:

Welcome to Wildflower – a life-changing 8-week group program designed exclusively for women who are ready to turn their triggers into teachers, discover their deepest needs, and experience the blossoming of the greatest gift:  self-love.

During your time in Wildflower, you will be deeply held as you transform, connecting deeply with yourself and other women walking the same path. My intentions for this program are that you’ll experience and embody your abilities to:
  • Turn Triggers into Teachers: Learn how to harness the power of your emotional triggers with food as a path back home to your authentic self.
  • Feed Your Inner Child: Nourish your inner child until she overflows with joy and contentment.
  • Learn Nutrition Basics: Understand the fundamentals of nutrition, including blood sugar regulation and anti-inflammatory principles.
  • Understand Your Story: Gain profound insights into your own story and recognize how you’ve been using food to soothe your emotions.
  • Cultivate Self-Compassion: Develop a deep sense of self-compassion and non-judgment in the context of emotional eating.
  • Give Permission to Feel: Embrace the practice of allowing yourself to feel and tune into the sensations in your body—your path back home.
  • Soothe Without Food: Implement and practice alternative ways of soothing that don’t involve turning to food.
  • Feel Seen and Held: Experience the powerful support of a community of women walking the same path, offering empathy, love and encouragement.
  • Embody Presence: Practice being fully present in your body, both around food and in all aspects of your life.

Find the Beauty in the Weeds

Imagine a life where you no longer turn to food for comfort, but instead, you know how to meet those needs in ways that both nurture and empower you. Not only is this possible, but it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. Join Wildflower so that you can discover the beauty in your challenges, the wisdom in your triggers, and the incredible freedom that comes from embracing your authentic self. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity to blossom into the vibrant, empowered woman you were always meant to be.


  • Eight week program
  • 90-minute live calls each week beginning at 5:30pm CT
  • WhatsApp thread for constant companionship throughout this journey
  • You can expect powerful live coaching, deep sisterhood and lasting friendships, live rituals, guided practices, written materials for your future reference, nutrition fundamentals and a whole lot of sacred space held by me
I cannot wait to see you and feel you with us!

Current Offerings

For my sisters who have had a long and frustrating battle with food, weight, health and love for Self, I’ve got something for you!

Turn Your Triggers into Teachers is a 14-page guidebook where I dive DEEP into how to do just that. Emotional eating has served an incredible purpose in our lives and it’s time to shine some light on what that purpose has been, and how to use this pattern to access much deeper levels of Self. I debunk what we think emotional eating is, share about what we’re actually doing when we eat in that way, and take you through the process I use every time I’m triggered that has served as a doorway into my heart instead of the pattern that caused pain and suffering.

I’m so excited for you to walk this path and I’m here for you every step of the way.
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